Student / Parent On-Line Portal


The Portal is an online tool which gives students and parents/caregivers direct access to the below information:

1 NCEA Summary - NZQA ratified results and stored results. Please note that the latter are results held by the College which may not yet be confirmed with NZQA and should not be considered official.

2 Current Year Results - results for internal and practice grades for the current year.

3 Schedule - Subject Course Assessment Outline.

4 Attendance and Timetable - please note that the attendance data is not live - a three-day delay applies. Should you have any queries about your son/daughter’s attendance records, please contact, in the first instance, our Student Attendance Administrator, Deb Gurney, on 356 4817 ext. 8858.

5 Reports - copy of school reports.

6 Awards - Significant Awards received.

7 Calendar - calendar of school events.

8 Notices - daily notices for students only.

9 Library - lists books issued and if overdue from the Awatapu College Library

10 Details - changes to key details (e.g. contact information, medical details) can be made by the primary caregiver

11 Financial (under Details) - Caregiver e.g:  feature allows you to pay fees by credit card. Part payments are permitted. Receipts can be downloaded and a full payment history is also displayed, including the method/s of payment e.g. eftpos, automatic payment or credit card

Details regarding how to access the portal and the Kamar iPhone/Android app, including passwords, will be emailed or posted out. If you have any issues regarding the Portal please email the School Office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.