Special Needs Department

The aim of the Awatapu Special Needs Department is to:
• Create a supportive environment to enable our students to learn
• Set individual goals that are relevant to each student (IEP)
• Maximise personal autonomy and independence for our students
• Enable students to form social relationships
• Develop our students communication skills
• Encourage maximum mobility
• Prepare students for the opportunities, experiences and responsibilities of adult life
• Enable access and inclusion within appropriate mainstream classes and activities
• Provide a collaborative approach to enhance student centered learning 

Key Focus Areas
• Preparing students with Special Needs for life beyond school
• Mainstreaming and inclusion, if appropriate
• Literacy and numeracy
• Social skills
• Life skills
• South Pacific Education Course (SPEC)
• Work experience
• Information Computer Technology (ICT)
• Personal Social Health Education (PSHE)
• Senior transition
• Communication skills

About Us
The Awatapu College Special Needs Department has:
• Experienced special education teachers
• Teacher Aide support for students
• Assistive Technology Teacher
• Ongoing specialist involvement (physiotherapy, occupational therapist, speech language therapist)
• Team approach to behaviour management
• An environment with up to date facilities and resources