Year 10 Camps

A reminder to all families that Year 10 Camps run in the second to last week of Term Four (Monday 28th November - Friday 2nd December). The camps are an important part of the Curriculum and are usually the highlight of our Year 10 students’ year. These camps range in price and must be paid in full before the end of Term Three. Many families take advantage of the automatic payment system to pay in advance for these camps. If you would like an automatic payment form, please contact the school office by phoning 356 4817. For more information on Year 10 Camps, please contact Mrs Newton.

Language Perfect World Championship

Congratulations to the following students who excelled in the Japanese Language Perfect World Championships recently:

Elite 10000+
Frances Darlington
Sarah Lewis
Sean Butcher
Gold 3000+
Emma Beattie
Shima Byres
William Feasey
Dylan Clark
Jay Plazuelo

Bex Ellery
Noah Macdermid
Joriel Magno
Khukhushee Henery     

Ellie Kilty
Ellie Bartosh
William Kilty
Phoenix Reid      

Jessie Ladd
Abii Bingle
Jethro Thomas
Joel Pulman   
Silver 2000+
Kobi Shearer
Kaylee Vauderbyl
Zia Macdermic

As a school, Awatapu College also excelled, coming first in New Zealand out of 109 schools who had less than 100 students entered.

Junior Dance

On Thursday 11 August, the Senior A Netball team ran a highly successful Junior Dance as a fundraiser for their trip to the Lower North Island Netball tournament in Wanganui - raising just under $1000 for their trip! Thanks to everyone who everyone who supported the fundraiser. 

JuniorDance  JuniorDance1  JuniorDance2

Success in Science

In June, some of our top Science students participated in the Otago Senior Science Competition. This challenging quiz tested their knowledge of many aspects of Science. We are very proud of Frances Harnett-Darnlington, William Kilty, Frank Lawton and Phoenix Reid for gaining Merit Certificates in this, and especially to Ted Trewick for gaining 2nd place in the Year 11 Competition. 

Congratulations also to Shima Byres in Year 13. Shima took part in the Science Perfect Challenge and was placed in the top 2% of students nationwide. This is an excellent result. Well done, Shima.

ICAS Science Competition

The Science Department congratulates the following students who performed well in the 2016 ICAS Science Competition. These students competed against the best Science students in New Zealand and should be very proud of their efforts.

Distinction Certificates (top 11%)  
Thomas Budd Frank Lawton
Jayde Cuff Joel Pulman
Niamh Frizzell  

Credit Certificates (next 25%)  
Abii Bingle Emma Muir
Aimee Dredge Annelies Orme
Bex Ellery Saul Pasene
Lachlan Ellwood Phoenix Reid
Joshua Elston Addi Sawyer
Jenny Gatehouse Bryn Thompson
Briar Harle Bianca Trewick
Frances Harnett-Darlington Ted Trewick
William Kilty Molly Turnbull
Malachy Kingi-McCavana  

From the Careers Department

As we are now more than half way through the year, students are busy planning for their 2017 course options. This is a busy and sometimes stressful time of the year for students, so it is important that they know where and how to seek professional advice. The Careers Department offers guidance and support for all students, particularly those who are uncertain about their future prospects.


The Careers Department has three main points of contact for students:
• The Awatapu College Careers Facebook Page
• School Daily Notices
• Careers Office by making an appointment

University Hall of Residence Applications

Applications for placements in University Halls of Residences for 2017 are now open. Many Year 13 students have already started this process by expressing their interest with the Careers Department last term.
• Students should have indicated which Universities they are looking to apply at
• Students should have selected three staff nominees

Careers Guidance for Senior Intending to Leave at the End of 2016

The Careers Department offers many courses/guidance for students intending to leave school at the end of 2016. Sign up sheets for the below courses are available from the Careers Office.
• Tertiary Advice/Course Planning
• Career Search Workshops
• CV preparation

Options for 2017

Students who are keen to pursue a non-University pathway as their career are invited to consider both the Gateway and Trades Academy options that the school offers. In summary:

Gateway 2017
• Open to Year 12/13 students who know what they want to do when they leave school, usually a trade but not exclusively so
• Students spend one day per week out on the job with an employer
• Students study subjects that are relevant to their work choice over the other four days
• Students undertake industry approved Unit Standards that are relevant to their work choice
• All credits contribute to an NCEA qualification at the appropriate level
• Students are getting apprenticeships as a result of their involvement in the Gateway programme
• Places are limited so you need to start talking to the Careers Department about this option early
• The first point of contact for the Gateway programme is Mrs Pearson

Trades Academy (USKILLS) 2017
• Students attend UCOL one day per week across a range of career pathways
• Students study at school for the other four days
• Students study a coherent programme while at school
• All credits contribute to an NCEA qualification at the appropriate level
• Demand for places always exceeds availability so students need to move as soon as this programme is promoted
• The first point of contact for the Trades Academy programme is Mrs Pearson

Youth Guarantee Funded Places

Parents may not be aware but there are a number of funded places at both UCOL and a variety of private providers for students undertaking full time courses. Students apply for the programme they want to undertake and then apply for a Youth Guarantee Funded Place at the same time. Students wanting to pursue this option should see Mrs Pearson.

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