Year 9 Health Assessments

The School Based Health Service (SBHS) is a national health programme being offered in a number of secondary schools throughout the country. It promotes and supports student’s well-being in order to improve their learning, school performance and overall development. 

A component of the SBHS programme is a free health check for all Year 9 students and to other students as required. The health check includes a general well-being Health Assessment (HEADSSS) and hearing and vision testing. The HEADSSS questionnaire can be viewed on the Awatapu College website. A generalist nurse lead health clinic service is provided. Students can arrange an appointment time to see the nurse about any health problem or concern that they may have. Parent contact is always welcome.

Any information gained during these assessments is confidential. No other person inside or outside the school will have access to your young person’s information unless they are at risk of harm.

If you DO NOT want your child to have the general health check, please complete the opt out form (available on the College website) and return to the school office before 12 February 2020, addressed to the Public Health Nurse.

To speak to us about your child’s health, please contact the nurse through Awatapu College or Jan Guppy (Clinical Nurse Manager) on 06 350 4560.