School Holiday Closing Period

Please note, the school will be closed from Friday 14 December 2018 and will reopen Tuesday 22 January 2019. Please click here for detailed information regarding start dates for students. 

Junior Honours Awards

Junior Honours will be held on the last day of term - Friday 7 December at 12.30pm in the Gymnasium. All parents and caregivers are welcome to attend. The ceremony will conclude at approximately 1.50pm. Students will then attend a brief form time and be released from school at approximately 1.55pm.

Senior Sign Out / Late Start for Juniors

Senior Sign-Out Day is Monday 3 December. Students will report to the Gymnasium at 10.00am to complete sign out formalities. Students who have paid their fees and completed sign out will be issued a school magazine. Students will be released from school by 11.00am.

Junior students (Year 9 and 10) will start school at 11.30am on this day to accommodate Senior Sign Out. Bus students who are required to arrive at school at the usual time should report to the Library where they will be supervised until normal timetable resumes. 

Maori Education Trust Scholarships

The Māori Education Trust 2019 Scholarship Programme is now open and offers scholarships to Māori secondary school students who meet the respective scholarship’s criteria. The 2019 Secondary Scholarship Programme is made up of the following scholarships:

Year 9
• Ti Maru Māori Trust Secondary Boarding Scholarship
• Rose Hellaby Scholarship

Year 9 – 13
• Sister Anne Henry Scholarship
• Edward Carlton Holmes Memorial Scholarship

Year 12 – 13
• RJ Graham Scholarship

Year 13
• VW & LM Rosier Scholarship

Students can apply online or download an application form from The closing date for applications is 4.30pm Friday 1 March 2019. For more information regarding these scholarships please click here

Science Perfect Competition

Congratulations to William Kilty and Brooke Winiata who took part in the Science Perfect Competition. Both students did very well to gain Bronze Awards, placing them in the top 10% of the 90,000 students who entered the worldwide competition.

Science and Engineering CompetitionSci Eng

Well done to the Year 9 and 10 students who competed in the University of Newcastle Science and Engineering Competition hosted by Massey University and the Pūhoro Māori STEM Academy.

The students were divided into groups and tasked with completing various engineering construction challenges, such as bridge building and constructing a catapult. Each design was then judged, with points awarded for many different design and production aspects. The day culminated in showing the bridge constructions. Each bridge was tested to see if it could withstand a trolley crossing it, and then weights were added to the trolley. Awatapu’s bridge team was Cumorah Judd, Erana Manu, Cassidy Ututaonga and Xavier Hintz. They were the last to test their construction. Prior to this, the maximum load had been the trolley with one added weight, but our students' bridge held firm with the trolley and five added weights. This was a fantastic result for a full day's work.

In the end, our combined team of 20 Awatapu students, four PNBHS students, and five Te Kura Kaupapa Māori - Te Rito students were declared champions of the whole event; an excellent result for our hard-working students. Well done!