Be thoughtful, cooperative and tolerant
This makes it easier for you to learn and live together

Respect others’ rights to learn without interruption
This ensures that all students have a chance to learn without disruptions from others

Be well-mannered, considerate and friendly to each other, to staff and to visitors
This makes it easier to learn and live together and the whole school gains respect from the public

Be proud of your school and keep it clean, safe and attractive
This helps confirm the communitiy's high regard for this College and ensures that everyone can work in a pleasant environment

Dress correctly and behave well at all times
This brings credit to you and your school

Some types of behaviour are not acceptable at Awatapu College
• Bullying, violence or threatening behaviour (bullying is any type of behaviour which is harmful to others)
• Rude of abusive language
• Damaging or stealing property
• Possessing or using tobacco, e-cigarettes, alcohol or harmful drugs or substances
• Disruptive behaviour
• Defiance
Because these actions are unfriendly and unhelpful - they harm you and your school

The most important things to remember are self-discipline, common-sense and respect for others.

a. Students are deemed in law to be under the school's authority from the time they leave home in the morning until they return after school
b. Students attending or participating in any school activity outside normal hours are bound by the school rules, e.g. trips, weekend or evening sporting or cultural fixtures
c. Senior students who drive their personal vehicle to school must obtain a vehicle pass from the school office and abide by the vehicle pass regulations.

This code means we expect you to do your best at all times and that we will help you to do your best.