Awatapu College Educational Trust

The Awatapu College Educational Trust (Inc) was established in 1980 and is registered under the Charitable Trusts Act (1957).

The Trust is administered by its own Trustees who collectively represent Awatapu College's:
    • Board of Trustees,
    • Parent Teacher Association,
    • Staff, and 
    • Wider community.

The current trustees are:
    • John Thompson - Chair
    • Euan Cant - Treasurer
    • Gary Yeatman - Principal / PTA Representative
    • Bruce Reiche - Staff Representative
    • Elizabeth Ward - Board of Trustees Representative
    • Hilary McKenna - Trustee
Sue Byrne - Trustee

For more information on the Awatapu College Educational Trust, please read the attached information. Our Charities Commission Number is CC35972.