The Board of Trustees

The current members of the Awatapu College Board of Trustees are:

Jeremy Neild
Board Chair

Education is very important to me as a parent. I want all children to enjoy learning, have opportunities to develop their potential and have a positive outlook on life. Having served on the Awatapu College Board of Trustees for 12 years, the last 3 of which have been as Board Chair, I bring to the Board a wealth of experience in education governance. I am very proud of the progress the College has made over the last 12 years and look forward to our continued success.


Gary Yeatman

I have 17 years teaching experience (History and Economics) and have taught in the Wellington and Hawkes Bay regions. Before starting at Awatapu College as Principal, I was the Associate Principal at FAHS - Feilding High School. I really enjoy the way staff at the College work to try and ensure that the needs of individual students are met. Our focus is on success for the individual; whatever form that takes.


Keith Dobson
Staff Representative

Awatapu College is a school that I am proud to work at and send my children to. It has a culture that is based around the individual for both staff and students. I believe that this people focused culture needs continued focus and that the Board needs to set clear vision that supports and motivates staff to continue enhancement of student well-being and achievement. My roles at Awatapu College include Teacher, Head of Department, Head of House and member of the Extended Leadership Team. In addition, I served as Staff Representative on the Awatapu College Board of Trustees through 2004 and 2007, and more recently as Board Chair at Lytton Street School. Through these experiences I have gained an in-depth understanding of a variety of aspects of school life and a good understanding of the Board's governance role. 


Abbie Harris
Parent Representative

As a parent and casual employee of the College, I know that Awatapu provides an environment where all students are given the opportunities and support to succeed. I feel strongly that all students should have access to quality academic education and broader experiences through sport and culture, regardless of their ability, ethnicity, or family income. As a member of the Board I intend to support the Principal by making robust decisions that will continue to enhance the safe environment where all students and staff can thrive.


Melanie Simmons
Parent Representative

Having been involved with the College as a school parent for the last 3 years, I feel I have a good understanding of the school charter and would like to contribute to its future direction. I am very impressed with the culture of Awatapu College and the holistic education it offers, and feel it is essential that a school is represented by parents and community members that have a vested interest in the school. As a member of the Board, I intend to bring my experience as both a Secondary Teacher and parent to support the Board in making decisions that best suit our school and students.


Elizabeth Ward
Parent Representative

With two children at Awatapu College, I decided to stand for the Board of Trustees because I really like the inclusive and caring culture that Awatapu provides and I want to see this continue. I hope to bring the perspective of a parent to the Board, and to be part of a school that partners with all families as we go through the joys and struggles of educating teenagers.


Andrea Yeatman
Parent Representative

My background and recent working experience has been focused on governance support and development as well as holding a senior role in management. I joined the Board of Trustees as I can share best practice experience that helps define the thin line between the role of the Board and Management. I originally trained as a Secondary Teacher and remain passionate about education and providing a positive, productive learning environment for both students and staff.


Bryn Thompson
Student Representative

I have been a student at Awatapu College for several years now, and I am looking forward to making my own contribution to the school. I wish to represent the student body and to get any opinions or ideas that students have and bring them into effect through the Board of Trustees. I am looking forward to growing along side with this position and collaborating with the Board to help improve the school.