Fair Play and Sportsmanship

Awatapu College is proud to be known as a school that promotes fair play at all times. The following is what we expect of our students, both on and off the sports field:
• Enjoy themselves
• Play within the rules
• Respect the referees, umpire and officials
• Respect the opposition and their supporters
• Be a gracious winner and a dignified loser
• Play hard but play fair

We also expect our supporters to follow the principles of fair play. The following are some guidelines that we expect supporters to adhere to:
• Be supportive of our players, no matter what the result or their personal performance
• Leave coaching to the coaches - players should be able to hear coaching instructions
• Show your support in a positive manner at all times
• Refrain from making comments to any referee/umpire and accept their decisions - without them there is not a game
• Refrain from passing negative comments to any parent or spectator
• Please make every effort to get our students to games and trainings on time
• Please stay a respectable distance from the field and refrain from viewing from behind the goal (if appropriate)

Enjoy each game - that's what sport is all about.