Senior Exams

Senior Exams will be held Wednesday 11 September to Tuesday 17 September (Week 8 and 9). The library will be open for study during the day. Morning exams will run from 9.10am-12.10pm and most afternoon examinations will run from 1.10pm-4.10pm. There will be a few exceptions. Be on time for your exams and come prepared. If you have a clash, please alert your teachers for alternative times. Click here to view the examination timetable

Years 11-13 are permitted to wear mufti during the examination period (normal mufti code applies).

These examinations provide an opportunity for both your child and their teachers to get an indication of their academic progress. They are also important because if for an unforeseen circumstance, such as an illness or accident, where your child cannot sit an NCEA examination, then the grades they achieve in the school examinations will be used as evidence for derived grades.

Exams 2019